Artist Statement

      As an artist, I focus on the human figure, the female experience, and expanding the boundaries of fine art with fiber arts. I work to reclaim the word feminine from negative connotations. My work combines my studies in literature, gender studies, and art production into a body of work that raises questions about the Western Art Canon. I work with traditionally feminine subject matter, such as florals, and with the female figure itself. I treat flowers as serious subject matter and not lighthearted still lives. I use specific flowers as symbols for complex concepts and political ideas such as mourning, joy, and purity. I turn florals into large scale media explorations that expand the boundaries of painting with collages of paper, beads, and found objects. I combine painting, fibers, and found objects to expand two dimensional fine art.

       My work with the female figure interrogates the male dominated history of art. Traditionally, women have been used as a subject, and an object. The female figure was objectified, idealized, and sexualized. I represent nudes that are unidealized and relatable to real women. I use the figure to humanize women from religious icons and history. I use my own relationship with my body and my experience as a woman to contradict these simplified and dehumanized portrayals

      I combine traditionally respected fine arts materials with materials deemed to be women’s work and demeaned as crafts. I Using embroidery allows me to consider the historical productions of women while portraying women. This combination unifies the woman as creator and the woman as subject in a way that permeates every fiber of the piece. I work to break boundaries between art and craft media while reclaiming the female form and contradicting the unsatisfactory vision of women that history presents.